OHS graduation etiquette reminder

Published 12:00 pm Friday, May 27, 2016

Oxford School District

Today is the day Oxford High School graduating seniors have long awaited: their graduation day.

The day is also one in which they have worked diligently to achieve: it’s their time to shine. Today, they will reach a major milestone in their personal lives: they will receive their high school diploma, making graduating from high school official.

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While the ceremony is a time of celebration for graduating seniors, it is also a solemn occasion which demands the utmost respect and honor from those attending the ceremony. That’s why Oxford school officials ask anyone attending the Oxford High School graduation to observe the following graduation ceremony etiquette:

• Please turn off cellphones and resist the urge to text until the entire ceremony is over.

• Remain seated, quiet and respectful until the last students receive their diplomas so that they feel properly acknowledged. Please remain this way throughout the ceremony. No guests will be allowed on the floor with the graduates. Only school-approved photographers will be allowed on the floor to take pictures during the ceremony. Students will proceed in unison out after the ceremony.

• Graduation is a somber right of passage, so better to replace whooping and hollering with applause. Please refrain from any form of loud noises, yelling or excessive celebration.

• Anyone who disrupts the graduation ceremony will be escorted out of the building by campus security.

• Parents, family and guests should plan to arrive early for parking.

The following items will not be allowed into the coliseum on the night of graduation:

• Balloons, flowers or gifts

• Noise makers, including horns, cowbells or whistles

• Confetti, streamers, confetti spray

• Food or drink

• Any other items deemed inappropriate by security officers.

Note: These items will be confiscated by security officers if they are brought into Tad Smith Coliseum. All bags are subject to search.