Difference in grades doesn’t give a full picture

Published 6:00 am Sunday, June 19, 2016

Empower Mississippi released its state Education Report Card this week, which gave Sen. Gray Tollison an A and gave House Rep. Jay Hughes an F.

The special interest group gave 45 members of the House and 21 members of the Sentate A’s based on votes involving charter schools, Education Scholarship Account expansions and the renewal of the Dyslexia Therapy Scholarship.

Empower Mississippi even listed an honor roll, which Tollison received.

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While Tollison and Hughes represent different parties, they both have education as a primary goal for their service in the state, and they see what funds can do to create strong school systems like Oxford and Lafayette County. Given they both are fighting for education, the stark difference in grades for our two legislators is unsettling.

Hughes, vocal on social media and email communication, said the group’s “sole focus is to use its secret donations from industry to promote charter schools, vouchers for private schools and public school money for private businesses. As a result of my votes this year, they gave me an F.”

While Hughes said he was proud of his F, we are not proud of how the system works where legislators receive funds from special interest groups and it looks like their vote is purchased.

You be the judge and go look and see the report card at www.empowerms.org.