Permanent solution is needed for school gym

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, June 30, 2016

There is no doubt that the Lafayette County School District is one of the most progressive in the state. But for Lafayette High School to not have air conditioning in its modern gym is regressive.

On Tuesday, student Cara-Anne Sallis questioned the school board during its meeting about the need for air conditioning in the facility.

A volleyball player, Sallis and her teammates use the gym during the summer to practice and with temperatures in the 90s outdoors, the heat can reach triple digits inside the gym, according to Sallis.

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We don’t deny that claim but wonder why the school district has not done something about it.

Superintendent Adam Pugh is looking into bringing in a portable air conditioner unit for the players, but we would like to see something permanent done rather than a temporary solution.

The residents of Lafayette County have always supported their schools and we are pretty sure they would support the cost of providing air conditioning for students and others who use the gym during the dog days of summer when school is not in session and also in the hot months of the early school year.