YAC vision on target

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council’s ambition of starting an incubator for artists in Oxford and Lafayette County is a wonderful idea.

As we look toward the future of Oxford, we know we must be more than a real estate transaction and more than a good meal – although both of those are very important.

But any good restaurateur or any good realtor will tell you that making sure Oxford remains a creative city, in keeping with its arts-based roots, is critical to its bright future.

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That’s why the arts council’s ambition to find at least 10 local artists or more, from any discipline, interested in leasing space at a building just off Highway 30 is such a worthy cause. The space would best suit artists trying to make it as business people with their craft, so that could include someone in film or a teacher, or any discipline.

The benefit to artists would be the same as any incubator delivers: affordable space and collaborative spirit.

For Oxford, the win is deepening the creative culture by incubating the arts the same way business is incubated.

All that’s needed to make it happen are enough artists to get the incubator started. Those interested are encouraged to contact the YAC at yacdirector@gmail.com. We look forward to telling the stories of success.