The next generation deserves better

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, July 14, 2016

It seems as though we wake up every morning and the news is worse than the day before. Gun violence, protests and what seems to be a never ending divide along economic, racial, political and social lines.

I am one of the first to say that I do not completely understand all that is happening in our country these days. But I am willing to listen and learn. Why? Because I want what every parent wants and that is to leave what was left to me in the hands of my children better than it was before I received it.

That includes this great nation of ours.

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And I’m sure I’m not alone when thinking and worrying about what the future of the next generation holds. It scares me.

The turmoil that seems to exist in all factions of our nation is undeniable.

Of course there has been such dissent ever since our nation was founded some 240 years ago. In fact, there was a time when our then young Republic looked as though it may not make it through its infancy due to the chaos that existed and the struggle was very real.

That division that existed in our country came to a head and war nearly tore us apart. Our nation survived the bloodshed and eventually pulled back together, fighting and surviving through two world wars.

How did we do it? How was our nation able to endure such trials?

It came down to great leadership and men of vision who put their own pursuit for personal gain aside for the betterment of the nation. Men like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan.

It’s hard for me to say today that there are leaders with similar attributes who are wanting to guide our nation through the current angst that grips our country and into the next decade.

So instead it looks as though we as a people must pull together and bind the wounds that are ripping through our nation. That begins with each of us making a conscious effort, despite our differences, to treat one another with dignity and respect, whether face-to-face or behind that keyboard on social media.

That also means taking an active role in the community by attending such events as the peaceful protest and candlelight vigil scheduled for Saturday night on the Square.

It’s an opportunity to create dialog that hopefully translates into making the next generation better.

Rob Sigler is managing editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact him at