Honoring those who serve us

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today we honor those who serve our community on the front line, with our safety as their job number one.

Their chosen career is not easy, to say the least. Fighting fires, fighting crime, and keeping the peace means standing in harms way.

There is also the daily stress that goes along with these jobs, driven by the pain they see on the job in our community at times, which most of us could not imagine.

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Add to these realities the world we live in at the moment, as tensions rise throughout the nation among some citizens against those who provide front line service to communities.

That’s why our support of those who serve us on the front line, including police, fire, and emergency medical, can make all the difference. They need to know we care. They need to know we are appreciative.

They need to know we are one.

Our efforts to build a harmonious community make their jobs easier, and safer. That’s why how we honor them goes beyond a pat on the back. It’s about positive messages for the entire community on social media, and support of all citizens in our daily lives.

We appreciate the work they do to keep us safe. And, we should do all we can to keep them safe.