A senior splash bash

Published 6:00 am Sunday, July 24, 2016

jim mccauley 1If you can’t figure out what the heck that title means, let me enlighten you. Unless you’re searching all the happenings in Oxford to discover what seniors can do to have fun and get healthy, a Senior Splash Bash is probably going to either surprise you or put you asleep.

A Senior Splash Bash is like a party without food and drinks that occurs three times a week — and sorry kids it’s a senior get-together that cost nothing, nada, zero! It happens at or in the city of Oxford’s swimming pool and just because it looks like a “seniors out of control party,” don’t get excited, we do wear swimsuits.

You’re welcome.

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At the end of an hour of fun and games and jumping and twisting we’re rather exhausted but that’s OK because that’s why we signed up. Sounds like work you say. Let’s try to figure this thing out: A lot of us have little signs that remind us that parts of our bodies are not what they use to be and these areas don’t take the pressure they use to take. We live with some of these pains and it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to tell us why we are a little sore. Sometimes it’s a sharp pain in our necks, shoulders, backs, or running right down our left leg and most of us know where that pain starts: Correct: In your spine. Ouch!

So, you ask, is everyone at the splash bash in good shape? Absolutely not. Probably not even close, but that’s why we’re all there and having fun with it. I’m talking numbers like 55, some times 75, fun loving, very nice, seniors that are in the pool ready to exhaust themselves and have a great time helping their bodies. I know this article is very persuasive and most of you senior members of Lafayette County are wondering how can you “jump in” and learn more about this “everyone in the pool” party.

Here is the info you need: This program is sponsored by the Oxford Park Commission and is called “Leisure Lifestyles of Oxford.” This great group offered 16 different programs this year that will end on Sept. 2 this year, but that means there may be a little time to crash the last pool parties before summer ends. The program I’m talking about is called Water Aerobics and meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 a.m.-till noon. We have a wonderful instructor who knows what she’s doing and it is a lot of fun. The other classes this summer were Tai Chi, Yoga, Canasta, Total body fitness, Mexican Train Dominoes, Line Dancing, Computers, Dancing with a Twist, Knitting, and Crocheting, Art with a kick and — drumroll — Pickle Ball!If you don’t know what pickleball is, well, all I know it’s like a small game of tennis (less running with a smaller court) and I hear it’s a lot of fun.

Most of the programs are free, but sometimes they have a modestly priced fee when materials are provided. Probably many of the courses are closed until the next sign up, but check it out anyway. Here’s a telephone number where you can find out everything you need to know. 662-236-1157. The contact is Deb Helms, LLO director, or send her an email at dhelms@oxfordms.net

While we’re at it, there is no indoor pool that provides seniors and other citizens a place to swim or work out in the winter months. Swimming programs require an indoor pool and can really help everyone to be healthy, or in some cases rehab bodies. If you get a chance, help lobby for a city and county indoor pool.

Hey, how about putting that on your “Bucket List!”

Jim McCauley is a retired Oxford citizen. You can reach him at jimcc@att.net.