Thankful for law enforcement

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, July 28, 2016

I am a retired Army Veteran and have been to a lot of places overseas and the USA too. Of all the places I’ve been, there was always that desire to come back home. I am so very proud of our town and the people.

I am also proud of our Sheriff’s Department, Oxford Police Department and the University Police Department. I feel safe in my home and when I am out in the community. I have been praying for our police and firemen and will continue to pray each day for their safety. I would ask everyone to just take a few minutes each day to say a prayer for them.

I have known Sheriff East for many years and know him to be a dedicated law enforcement officer and he is deeply concerned about the welfare of the people here and everywhere. We all need to thank each of our officers and maybe give a hug when we meet them.

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I have a lot of friends both black and white and could depend on each of them to help me in times of trouble. I have been stopped a few times by the police in my 86 years, but I know that if you are stopped and respond to their questioning respectfully, there isn’t going to be that terrible repercussion we often see today.

Let us all just let the Holy Spirit guide us each day and help us to replace any hate and malice in our heart with love for God and our fellowman.

In closing, let me say with all the diseases, wars, disasters, and so many other things that disrupt our lives, this is still a beautiful world our God created.

Derald Oliphant