O-LC Chamber of Commerce and Stable Talent, Inc. announce strategic partnership

Published 6:00 am Sunday, August 7, 2016

Online job-posting company, Stable Talent, Inc, and the Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce, have entered into a strategic partnership to provide online job-posting services to the Oxford and Lafayette County business community.

The website, www.stabletalent.com, is a job posting service that connects employers with candidates that have a proven track record of stability and longevity in their respected careers. A portion of the revenues generated from job postings that use the coupon code, oxchamber, will go directly to the chamber.

“We are extremely excited to partner with our hometown chamber to provide this service to the Oxford business community. In our work as executive search consultants we saw a real need for a service that could help save time in reviewing a large number of less-than-desirable applicants,” said Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Logan. “This partnership offers an effective recruiting tool while supporting the chamber at the same time. It is really a win-win.”

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Employers can post a 30-day job posting on Stable Talent for $150 per posting or different price points for multiple postings. When the employer proceeds to the checkout area of the website they can enter the oxchamber coupon code to ensure that the portion proceeds go back to the chamber.

Interested employers can also contact Stable Talent or the Chamber directly to post any opportunities. When potential candidates wish to apply for a position they must fill out an application form that assists in the vetting of currently employed candidates that have been with their current organization for at least two years. Stable Talent will also actively recruit candidates for all the positions posted on the site through its proprietary database of professionals.

“We aren’t a job posting service that is trying to produce thousands of applicants,” Logan said. “We are trying to produce the one right candidate.”

“The site development is focused on providing a user friendly website for both employers and candidates; refining the traditional job posting and applicant process through front-end vetting,” stated Eric Gibens, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “Stabletalent.com is in its introductory version. We anticipate consistent growth and upgrades to the site as client needs shift and technology expands.  Although the website is developed on a responsive platform for optimal performance on mobile devices, we are exploring the development of an app for Stable Talent as well.”

Stable Talent is located in the Anchorage Building at 426 South Lamar, Suite 22 in Oxford, in the same offices as executive search firm, The Logan Development Group.