Progress comes with a price

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Technology can make life simpler and more complicated all at once.

The Oxford School District online registration is one example.

Providing online registration helps a fast-growing school system manage the process because it sends parents online in the summer months rather than down to the school office.

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For parents, it allows them to complete the process at home.

Progress always comes at a price, however, and we saw first day of school frustrations at Oxford schools this week when some parents found the online process had not been completed and their children could not enter classrooms until all forms were in.

Human error rather than a technology breakdown is how schools superintendent Bryan Harvey phrased the issue.

But processes can always be improved.

Having online registration is progress, and ultimately it will benefit both the schools and parents. But making sure parents trying to complete online registration are clearly notified that the process isn’t complete along the way will make for smoother first days of school.