Remember flu shots don’t just protect you

Published 6:00 am Monday, September 5, 2016

Let’s face it: Few people would say they enjoy getting a shot.

No one likes being poked with needles; for some, it’s a deeply rooted fear that results in great physical and emotional discomfort.

But as summer ends and we head into the colder months that give way to winter, we urge everyone to make sure you and everyone in your household receive your seasonal flu vaccine. Influenza is a serious illness that can hit anyone and spread quickly, not to mention lead to flu-related hospitalization and more severe illnesses, such as pneumonia.

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While the vaccine can significantly reduce your chances of getting the flu this season, keep in mind how it can also protect the people around you – including babies (especially those younger than 6 months who aren’t able to receive the vaccine), children, older people and those with chronic health conditions – from catching the virus too.

Of course, it’s easier to choose not to do something when we think we’re the only ones who suffer the consequences of the decision, which is why it’s just as if not more important to consider how it affects the community as a whole.

Protect yourself. Protect your families. Protect our community.

Get your flu shot.