Google analytics down: real time reporting out, fix on way

Published 7:07 am Thursday, September 8, 2016

Google Analytics has been down for a day, for many people at least.

Google’s Real Time reporting on Google Analytics, used by site operators all over the world, has been down since Wednesday morning (September 7, 2016). Google  Analytics promised a fix yesterday but by Thursday it appears the fix may be another day away.

“We are working on a permanent resolution to this issue, which is expected to go live tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience,” Google Analytics tweeted overnight.

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Google Analytics says there may be a workaround: “Update: If you see errors accessing realtime reports in GA, a temporary workaround is to clear cookies or use an incognito browser window.”

Some users have tried that and it has not worked, however. Thus, they can’t see real time data from their sites for another day.

The problem with Google Analytics Real Time reporting being down was acknowledged by Google via Twitter on Wednesday. “Some users may be experiencing issues with real time reporting. We are working on a fix and expect to have everything back to normal soon.”

Other aspects of Google Analytics are working. Daily audience can still be measured, for instance.