Oxford School District calls special meeting regarding reports of school for low-income students

Published 9:22 am Friday, September 30, 2016

A special meeting for Oxford School District’s board of trustees will be held at noon today at the Central Office.

The main item on the agenda is a discussion regarding a response to concerns stemming from reports that the district is considering several options to close the school’s achievement gap, including creating an opt-in school for students who receive free or reduced meals.

Superintendent Brian Harvey sent out a letter to faculty and staff this morning to clarify some of the statements, calling the last 24 hours “tumultuous.”

“We are not starting or building a school for free and reduced students. No recommendation has been made and the board of trustees has not taken action in any manner consistent with that idea. You have heard me discuss the achievement gap that we have in this school district for several years. I am committed to finding solutions to help all of our students. We have investigated two separate programs that exist specifically to reduce this gap and push more students to higher achievement. One of those programs is the Urban Learning and Leadership Center’s Social, Academic, and Moral Education (S.A.M.E) model. This model is good for all students and it is one that has shown tremendous results in some other communities. The other is the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) model. It is a nationwide program that has been in existence for many years with some well documented results. We are investigating several options and will continue to push for higher achievement for all of our students. No decision will be made without public discussion and support from our students, teachers, parents and community.”

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