Schools should be together as one

Published 11:12 am Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Almost half a century ago a citizens group, the Oxford Civic Council, together with other organizations and individuals along with the Separate School District, Mayor, Board of Alderman and other public officials worked diligently to keep the Oxford schools open and free of discrimination.

A great deal has been accomplished in the ensuing years to restore unity and provide an opportunity for all. Our Oxford public schools have become the envy of those seeking harmony and quality education.

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To even suggest that certain groups might be set apart from the unity achieved is an affront to all that support fairness and equality.

The family, church and similar organizations bear the major responsibility for moral education, the school promotes morality through example which includes a recognition of human dignity and the worth of every individual.

My parents were sharecroppers, we were poor and our schools were inadequate. My education was tremendously enhanced through association with those more privileged.

There are legitimate ways to improve the gap between high achievers and less proficient scholars. I implore Oxford school officials to seek and fund those procedures rather than practicing tactics that fly in the face of our Constitution and divide our community.

We are all one!       


Kenneth L. Wooten