America can do better than this

Published 11:16 am Monday, October 10, 2016

Our presidential election 2016 is turning into an uncomfortable joke, and Sunday night’s 90-minute Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump debate was perhaps the punch line.

Rather than focus on meaningful topics like domestic poverty and education or positions on Syria and Russia, most of the second presidential debate was a mudslinging attack.

Trump suggested Hillary should be in jail. Clinton suggests Trump immoral for not paying enough taxes. On and on it goes, in tense talk aimed at one another rather than issues-based dialogue that should dominate a United States presidential election debate.

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One can only imagine what America’s youngest generation of schoolchildren will learn from such behavior. And many in America’s voting generations have already learned enough, since polls reveal that neither candidate is very popular this election.

Last night’s debate did nothing to help, either, with pervasive interruptions, stage prowling, and mudslinging.

We can only hope Sunday night’s debate was a low point in this presidential election.

America, and its presidential candidates, need to find higher ground.