OUT is an asset to the community

Published 11:05 am Friday, October 14, 2016

We can thank former Oxford Mayor Richard Howorth for pushing the vision of Oxford University Transit, the community’s public transit system that launched in 2008.

Almost a decade ago public transit system in Oxford seemed far-fetched. But planning for the future involves vision.

Utilizing grant money and starting small, Oxford University Transit began with just two routes and few riders. Today, we can’t imagine bustling Oxford and Ole Miss without Oxford University Transit.

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With more than 1.3 million riders in the past 12 months, OUT is working, incredibly well.

The University’s financial contribution allows students to leave cars at home. The city’s vision allows football fans to shuttle to campus, and students to get safely home from downtown establishments at night.

OUT also serves high school students, retirees, and commuters to and from work.

It is, to use baseball jargon, a grand slam for the Oxford community.

Such vision is how we make sure Oxford remains a special place. It does not always make complete sense at the moment. It is about looking forward.

We applaud the vision of former Mayor Howorth and members of the Oxford Board of Alderman, including current Mayor Pat Patterson, who made OUT happen, and those who continue to make it happen.