Halloween costume ideas 2016 for adults, children, DIY

Published 11:58 am Saturday, October 15, 2016

With just two weeks remaining before Halloween 2016 it’s time to sort through the myriad of Halloween costume ideas for adults, children and DIY.

Let’s get this one idea out of the way, quick, though: If you are thinking about being Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for Halloween you may want to get more creative. Since this Halloween comes just before the election expect to see many Hillary and Donald costumes.

So you can be Hillary or Donald but enter the party at your own risk, and expect to see many reflections.

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We have curated from around the country some of the best Halloween costume ideas for this year for men, women and children.

 Halloween for Young Adults

Anything Harambe-themed

Gone but never forgotten — rest in peace, our sweet prince. Ever since the tragic death of the Cincinnati gorilla, the internet has been full of Harambe memes. Don’t expect anything different on Franklin. The over/under for any frat party is at least three Harambes. Bonus points to anyone with a baby doll prop.  — From the Daily Tar Heel

Harley Quinn

With her blue and red pigtails, scene stealing quips and serious anti-hero attitude, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn is this year’s best villainess. She is primed ot be this year’s front runner for women and girl’s costumes. –WJLA

#Phelps Face

Michael Phelps set the Internet ablaze when he was spotted scowling at rival swimmer Chad Le Clos during the 2016 Rio Olympics. This is a very low cost DIY costumer, all you need is a hoodie and a pair of headphones and your best scowl. — WJLA
DIY costumes


Our silly scarecrow is wearing a straw hat decorated with fake flowers and straw, a long-sleeved plaid shirt, jeans and cowboy boots.

Stuff some straw into your shirt, poking pieces through the wrist and neck openings. (We substituted raffia to reduce the itchiness factor.) Then position a couple of fake crows on your head, shoulders or hands. –Sanluisobispo.com


You’ll be ready to root for the home team in mere minutes, just like our cheerful cheerleader.

You’ll need a short, pleated skirt, a sleeveless top and sneakers, plus a pair of pom poms. (Construct your own pom poms using plastic bags or a plastic table cloth.)

Finish the look with a perky ponytail and a winning smile.

For another version of this costume, substitute track pants for the skirt and make a megaphoneout of poster board. –sanluisobispo.com

Ken Bone, America’s undecided voter

If your wardrobe is as on-point as Ken’s, you will have no trouble putting together this simple costume in time for Halloween. For his head, you’ll need a self-grown or self-adhesive mustache, some thick rectangular glasses, and a slightly receding hairline.

The staple of his outfit is his red Izod quarter-zip sweater. Sadly, the signature “Red Dahlia” color is sold out online everywhere but at JCPenney. It may soon appear again on Amazon, but until then, get it when and where you can.

Underneath the sweater, you can wear any white button-up shirt and a white silk tie. Don’t forget the tan chinos.

As for props, you can either go with a disposable camera or a microphone. And voilà, best costume ever.  –heavy.com

The Dress that Broke the Internet

Remember that black and blue dress that some saw one way and others saw another way? Well, you can have that dress and make it yourself. Visit here and you can see how.

Couples from film

Shrek and Fiona

This one isn’t so easy — Shrek? You can purchase one online if you search around but if not you can use some green face paint and a pillow under a shirt to become Shrek and Fiona should be easy enough.

Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World

This timeless duo is always a good get up and you can make this yourself, easily; just get online and remind yourself of the look.


Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

Another timeless duo – Luke and Leia never get old. In fact, they may be as big today as ever before. You will have to put your hair In a bun if you plan on being Leia.


Chiildren’s costumes

Food costumes

A new trend among kids’ costumes this year is dressing up as a favorite food. Whether it’s a banana, hot dog, hamburger, Tootsie Roll, taco, pizza, cookie or some other tasty treat, there are tons of food-themed costumes out there for kids right now. –AL.com


Princess costumes have always been a popular choice among kids, and this year is no different. With a surplus of costumes to pick from, including Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” Ariel from “The Little Mermaid, Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty as well as Elsa and Anna from “Frozen,” going as a favorite princess is easier than ever for kids.  –AL.com

Timeless characters

How about Alice in Wonderland or Yoda? You can purchase those here easily and may be able to make Alice in Wonderland yourself.