Lafayette supervisors get update on preliminary land use map

Published 11:09 am Friday, October 21, 2016


The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors opened their recessed meeting Thursday morning by going into executive session to discuss the “potential sale of property.”

An hour later, the board members emerged and President Jeff Busby said no action was taken in executive session.

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Land use map

Mike Slaughter, who was hired earlier this year by the supervisors to update the county’s comprehensive plan, brought a preliminary land use map to provide the board a progress update.

Slaughter also brought the city of Oxford’s future land use map “to see how much we agree and disagree” on future land use.

The city recently adopted the land use map and is in the midst of updating zoning map. Slaughter recommended the board “use the city land use map as a guide and the preliminary county land use map to show where we are going.”

“It is wise to at least consider what the city proposes,” Slaughter told the board. But he also emphasized it is just a plan and not a zoning ordinance.

Supervisor Kevin Frye, who has been heading up one of two committee’s dealing with the comprehensive plan, noted that “when you ask for city services outside the city limits, they use this map to base it upon.”

As far as future development, supervisor Jeff Busby expects a good working relationship with the city in the area 3-5 miles outside the city limits.

The board decided to review the maps and recessed the meeting to Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 4 p.m. during which a comprehensive plan steering committee meeting will also be held.