Thankful for our pastors

Published 11:23 am Friday, October 21, 2016

The job demands of our local church pastors are often more than most of us can imagine.

The messages they deliver on Sundays are demanding enough, with preparation, prayer and delivery. But we rely on them for so much more.

They are spiritual leaders of our congregations and friends of individuals. We expect them to be upbeat and on the job each and every day, no matter our difficult circumstances.

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They see us in grief, and yes, they see us in joy and celebration. But as our emotions pour out we rely on them for composure and guidance through it all with.

Without fail, they deliver with good, kind guiding hands.

We are fortunate in Oxford and the surrounding community to be in the care of such exemplary professionals who lead us in service over self.

Congregations of all denominations are blessed with leaders who bring Christian intellect, guidance and compassion in a tireless manner week in, week out.

We are thankful for our pastors and the work they do to lead us as individuals, as churches and as a community.

Today, let’s say a prayer for their work and their service, and let them hear our collective appreciation.