Bicentennial ideal time to change flag

Published 10:52 am Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Mississippi Economic Council unveiled the Mississippi bicentennial banner during their annual hobnob event this week in Jackson.

The banner has three wide horizontal stripes — blue, white and red. A state seal is in the center. To the left of the seal are the words “Established 1817,” and to the right are, “2017 Bicentennial.”

MEC president Blake Wilson made it clear the banner was not a replacement for the controversial Mississippi state flag, but it could be a step in the right direction as the Magnolia State commemorates it’s 200th anniversary next year.

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In fact, the MEC led the way in 2001 in the push to replace the state flag that includes the Confederate battle emblem. But voters overwhelmingly approved keeping the state flag that has flown since 1894.

After the flag was introduced, Wilson made it also clear that changing the state flag would not be a bad thing.

“Hopefully, over time, we can get our arms around it and find a way. We’re going to participate in any discussion that comes along, but this is not being promoted in any way as an alternative to the flag. But it may create a discussion that others may come up with their design that shows there’s other ways of approaching it.”

We hope so also and the year of Mississippi’s 200th anniversary would be perfect for the state legislature to finally take up the issue and make the change.