CoreLogic, FNC committed to Oxford

Published 11:01 am Friday, November 4, 2016

The important FNC impact in Oxford and Mississippi is taking another strong step forward.

FNC is our homegrown startup that emerged as a premier player in the national mortgage industry. CoreLogic purchased FNC in the past year, and many have wondered if that translates into a diminished impact in Oxford and in Mississippi.

But CoreLogic revealed this week that not only does FNC remain a vital part of our economic success and importance story in Oxford and in Mississippi, the company is growing and deepening its innovation footprint.

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By establishing an innovation center in Oxford, CoreLogic is making the commitment that this region is a big part of its future, and that innovative growth remains a part of its story here.

Under the leadership of President Glen Evans, FNC is well positioned to both continue and deepen its roots in Oxford and in Mississippi. And, the company is well positioned to cultivate talent in Oxford and Mississippi that can contribute throughout the world in the years ahead.

We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that launched FNC, and the powerful commitment the company has had to the Oxford community over the years.

It is exciting to see the commitment to Oxford and to Mississippi remains so strong for FNC and CoreLogic.