RockIt Computer Solutions still rocking in Oxford after five years

Published 9:46 pm Saturday, November 5, 2016

By Kady Cox
Special to the EAGLE

Growing up, Ohio native Preston William Boutot often broke things and fixed them.

Today, he’s still doing repairs as owner of RockIt Computer Solutions in Oxford, a business that specializes in technology repair and support.

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As a kid, Boutot enjoyed playing video games, and he began designing websites at 12. At 13, he began working and installing security and Dish network systems.

After high school, Boutot went on tour with a band and decided to pursue a different career. All led to his current business.

“The easiest part of my job is customer service,” he said. “It’s a given. You treat people how you want to be treated.”

Boutot said the hardest part is the constant challenge of something new, and as the business owner, he must make sure all parts are working properly.

The biggest lesson Boutot has learned from business at 1295 N. Lamar Blvd in Oxford is that he doesn’t know everything. “Technology is ever-changing,” he said. “If you don’t study it every day, you can get out of the loop.”

RockIt Computer Solution was created five years ago. The business has changed and grown since first opening. RockIt has always worked with local students, but now it’s broadening its client spectrum and working with local businesses.

RockIt is in the process of installing a state-of-the-art WiFi network in  Chancellor’s House, a luxury boutique hotel opening on the Square.

They will be handling everything from the network cabling all the way to the final hardware installation, testing, and training of employees. They have also been working as technical consultants on the project, as well as performing various miscellaneous technical tasks.

RockIt specializes in everything from web design, hardware with Apple or PC, installing wireless networks, etc. Boutot said his business is unique. When you call RockIt, you’re calling him. “It’s a personalized experience,” he said.

Marlena Jones said her computer was completely dead, but RockIT fixed it. “I’ve used RockIT twice now, and I’ve been completely satisfied each time,” she said. “The best part about it is that I don’t even have to leave my house.”

Depending on the situation, clients don’t have to come in for help. RockIt often can help over the phone.

Boutot offered the following advice to computer users: “Back your data up,” he said. “Use a cloud backup service, an external hard drive, or both, to keep your data safe.

“One of the worst parts of my job is telling people that their data is either gone or will need to be sent to a lab for a pricey recovery. I’ve been saved a few times by my backup software. Don’t learn the hard way.”

Boutot said the business is a way he can support his family, but he doesn’t just do it for the paycheck.

“I love what I do,” said Boutot. “We’re here. We’re apart of the community.”

Callie Sprouse, a sophomore at the University of Mississippi, has also used the business. “I know multiple students on campus that have used RockIt now and in the past, and have said nothing but positive things about Preston,” she said.