It’s Thanksgiving, not Turkey Day

Published 11:31 am Monday, November 21, 2016

It is Thanksgiving and predictably the liberals have renewed their annual attack on Christian Americans and true American values.  The latest attack is not limited to only Christmas but traditional American Christian holidays in general.  The city of Bloomington, Indiana recently announced that it will no longer give city employees paid time off for Good Friday.  Rather city employees will celebrate the more sensitive and less offensive “Spring Holiday”.

For years liberals have attacked Christmas and America’s the celebration of other Christian holidays as noninclusive and offensive.. These attacks constitute an assault on the very fabric of our nation.  America is the most diverse nation in the world and more tolerant of minority groups than any other country in history.  America became the world’s greatest country by mixing people from all nations and ethic groups in our great melting pot to produce the American people.   However, a people must have a common culture and language.

Christianity is beyond question the most inclusive and tolerant of the world’s religions. Christianity is accepting of everyone regardless of their personal histories or ethic backgrounds.  The Church teaches that all should  be treated equally and fairly based on the Golden Rule of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   Yet the left constantly attempts to demonize our traditional American values which are rooted in Christian beliefs.  Before dismissing these relentless assaults on our fundamental values as unimportant or just plain silly our citizens should consider why the liberals persist in these attacks.

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School children are taught that the Thanksgiving holiday originated with the Pilgrims in 1621.  This is largely correct and proper given that the Pilgrims were Christians who came to America in order to freely worship our God.  In 1863 Thanksgiving became a national holiday when President Lincoln proclaimed it “… as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens”.  No one can seriously dispute that the Father referenced by President Lincoln was and is the Christian God.

Likewise, Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of the Son of God and together with Easter are the two most important holidays celebrated by Christians.  The entire Christmas season  which has been so shamelessly commercialized revolves around the celebration of the gift from God of His only begotten Son to save mankind.  The hypocrisy of happily accepting Christmas bonuses, paid time off from work and Christmas presents while protesting against the offensive nature of Christmas celebrations would be laughable were it not for the damage being inflicted upon our national culture.

This latest attack on our culture claims to be an effort to be more inclusive by removing religion from the Easter holiday season.  In reality this is just another effort to remove traditional Christian values from American culture.   Our citizens have a patriotic duty to oppose such efforts because attacks on our national culture and shared value system are harmful to us as a nation. The continuing efforts of the liberals to divide the American people into various sub-groups weakens us as a people.  Those who seek to destroy or weaken our national identity desire that we devolve into an unimportant part of the world community rather than the leader the world.

Thankfully we can oppose the efforts of such groups without resorting to the destructive protests championed by the liberals.  Americans holding our traditional values can effectively express their values simply by speaking out.  Businesses respond to the desires of their customer base or in the case of liberal agendas what they perceive as being the desires of their customers.  The liberals threaten boycotts if business do not meet their demands and businesses give in rather than risk lost profits.    

Patriotic Christians can have a very meaningful impact on the actions of business by simply expressing our feelings.  In a capitalist society the profits of a business depend on its appeal to its customers.  All we need do is make a point to wish the sales clerk “Happy Thanksgiving” rather than happy turkey day or happy football Thursday.  Likewise we should make a point to wish business men and women :Merry Christmas” and ask them to display traditional Christmas decorations in place of the meaningless happy holidays messages.  Making America great again is the duty and obligation of all patriotic American citizens and the effort starts with each of us doing what we can whenever we can.

Ray Garrett is a columnist and local blogger who can be reached at