Take tonight’s severe weather in Oxford seriously

Published 11:14 am Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tonight’s weather forecast calls for strong storms, potentially including large hail, damaging winds and perhaps even a tornado.

Thus, vigilance will be required from Oxford area residents to keep a close watch on warnings, the radar and forecast updates.

Many will be caught off guard by the turbulent weather since today began with such a sterling start, including sunny skies and warm temperatures. But tonight’s weather will likely take a sharp turn for the worst, and a tornado watch has been placed into effect tonight for Oxford and the surrounding area until 11 p.m.

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Between 6 p.m. and midnight the odds are highest for damaging storms so these hours will be good times to be on alert. Tonight’s Oxford forecast calls for: “Thunderstorms, strong early…Damaging winds, large hail, and possibly a tornado with some storms,” according to the National Weather Service.

In the event of a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning, the National Weather Service advises going to your secure location immediately and waiting there until the warning expiration time.

If you are in a vehicle during a severe thunderstorm warning that is a safer place than being outside. However, the National Weather Service advises driving to the closest secure shelter if possible.

With large hail potential, it may also be wise to get vehicles under cover this evening if possible to avoid costly damage and insurance claims.

We hope everyone in the Oxford area and on the Ole Miss campus will take the forecast seriously and respond quickly to any weather warnings.