Get ready for some cold temps

Published 10:36 am Thursday, December 8, 2016

Oh, the weather outside.

We spent a good bit of fall scorching, with unseasonably high temperatures in September and October.

Now, we have an unusual cold burst for this early in December settling in for the weekend.

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With forecast lows of 22 Friday night and Saturday night and a high temperature Friday of only 38 degrees the Oxford area is in for a big freeze for a couple of days.

With temperatures well below normal this early in the season and a hard freeze in store, the usual rules apply to taking care of plants and pets. It’s just more important this time since the first hard freeze this early in the season can catch many off guard.

Most pets that typically stay outside are not safe when temperatures linger in the low 20s so they will need shelter. Similarly, most plants that are not freeze-hardy won’t survive this cold burst if left in the elements.

Otherwise, bundle on up and enjoy the fact that Oxford, despite resting in the Deep South, gets to experience a true four seasons.

Yes, it can get hot for too long in the summer, and fall. But, we also get to experience a real winter, followed by a spectacular spring. For that, we are thankful.