Tomorrow is never promised

Published 10:43 am Thursday, December 22, 2016

On Monday, I had to do something that was perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my 50-plus years. I had to say good-bye to someone close to me by giving their eulogy.

I’ve never given a eulogy before, but was honored when my three cousins asked that I speak on their behalf about their mother who passed away a few weeks ago.

Speaking about “Tee Tee” publicly and my personal feelings about her was incredibly difficult. I thought I was prepared as I entered Campground Baptist Church in Lizana on Monday, but I wasn’t.

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I was pleased with the words I had chosen, but when it came time to step up behind that pulpit, my emotions got the most of me and I found it hard to speak the words I had written.

With God’s help I somehow managed and was able to convey through the tears how much she meant to me. She was an incredible lady and as I spoke about her to the many friends and family in attendance, I couldn’t help but think to myself who may not be here at this time next year — my Dad or Mom? It made me think long and hard about our mortality and how we too often take for granted that our loved ones will always be here tomorrow. But of course, that’s not the case.

We all must face that reality that someday those closest to us will no longer be here. Life goes by quickly and the older I get, the quicker it seems the years click by.

This Christmas season is going to be tough for my family and especially my three cousins. Like so many other families have done when dealing with death, they will find a way to cope and get through this mourning period. It won’t be easy.

I’m thankful that my cousins have no true regrets, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. I pray that if anyone reading this needs to give or accept forgiveness, do so before it’s too late — especially during this holiest of seasons.

Rob Sigler is managing editor of The Oxford
EAGLE. Contact him at