Local well-known folks make resolutions for the new year

Published 3:37 pm Saturday, December 31, 2016


The new year often brings a feeling of making this year the best year of our lives and many of us decide to make a resolution of some sort in an effort to reach goals.

Of course, often times we fall short of those goals, but it’s always nice to at least begin the new year with resolutions.

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A few well-known folks in the LOU community were asked what resolution do they have for 2017. Here are their responses:

•JAY HUGHES, state representative: My resolution is to try not to be so passive and quiet.

•JON MAYNARD, president and CEO of chamber and economic development foundation: None that I want to make public!! Lol

•WAYNE ANDREWS: YAC director: Set aside time to connect with friends and family

•JOHN McCURDY, businessman: Lose some weight and do more things that make me happy and create less stress.

•KEVIN FRYE, supervisor: Prioritize reading and learning: I’ve always been an avid reader, but I’ve allowed myself to lose that good habit in recent years. And second, our community is blessed with a wide variety of arts & cultural activities, and I plan to be more supportive of our artists and musicians by attending more events with my family each month.