Proof of insurance fair to all

Published 11:30 am Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Mississippi Legislature is considering making presentation of auto insurance mandatory for vehicle tag renewals, and that’s a good thing.

Already, all drivers in Mississippi are required by state law to have auto liability insurance or post a bond to cover them on such. That insures that if a driver is at fault in an accident with you they have coverage to repair damage.

But Mississippi does not at the moment have any reasonable means of enforcing that law.

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So the state House of Representatives has approved a bill that would require county tax collectors to check and make sure that Mississippians have required auto insurance before renewing their vehicle tags.

A new statewide computer system expected to come this summer would help county tax collectors enforce this new law, if it gets through the Senate.

It faced little opposition in the House and seems completely logical since state law already requires drivers to have liability insurance. This next step would just help insure that the law is enforced.

Insurance is expensive, no doubt. But so is repair when accident fault lies with another who does not have insurance. It seems fair to all Mississippians that proof of insurance be required to renew a vehicle tag.