Streep’s words worthy of reporting

Published 10:48 am Monday, January 16, 2017

In response to a recent article on the editorial page, I simply want to  establish myself as supremely in agreement with Meryl Streep, who in  her Golden Globes speech, spoke of Donald Trump’s mimicry of a handicapped person.

Her calm and carefully worded rebuke was a model of decency.  Should an actress, here called a “celebrity”, not be allowed to address the issues of the day?  There was no meanness in her words or her demeanor, unlike the cruelty of Trump.

I realize that the article was presented as a question of what page in the news reports the writings were presented.  The words that as a matter of “free speech” she could espouse what she chose.  Come, now.  The actress’s words and the sad death of the policewoman are both worthy of reporting and of stimulating our concern for what has occurred.

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Laura L Bradley