An open letter to Mayor Patterson from local march organizers

Published 11:24 am Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dear Mr. Patterson:

On January 21, 2017, women, men and children of the Lafayette/Oxford community and surrounding counties came together to promote protection of rights and respect in education; racial/cultural and gender equity; diversity of religious beliefs; reproduction; immigration; environmental quality; and other areas of concern. The Oxford March for America was estimated to have drawn between 500-700 people, a number that far exceeded organizers’ expectations.

The women who brought this event together wish to thank the mayor and the Oxford Police Department for their responsiveness and flexibility in adjusting to the growing numbers.  The cooperation of the police officers on site allowed the citizens in our area to safely express their concerns during this peaceful march.  Also to be thanked are the individuals and families who marched with us. With Rev. Gail Stratton’s talk setting a positive tone, women and men, grandparents, parents, children, college students and others marched amiably and respectfully, supporting causes that were profoundly important to them.

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We extend our thanks to all who came together to make the Oxford March for America a truly remarkable event.


Susan T. Fino

Oxford March for America

Member, Organizing Committee