Small businesses get a break

Published 11:13 am Monday, January 30, 2017

President Donald Trump is on the right path by working to creating a better environment for small businesses in America.

Our country’s small businesses are the backbone of our workforce, providing more than half of our employment. The growth of small businesses has also been the leader in jobs creation for many decades now — but it’s getting harder.

Trump signed an executive action on Monday that is aimed at significantly cutting regulations for small businesses.

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Calling it a “one in, two out” plan, the order seeks to require federal agencies to find two regulations to cut from their departments for every new regulation they seek to add.  Trump says the aim is “cutting regulations massively for small business.”

There’s no denying that small businesses face a difficult environment with increasing regulation in recent decades. Obtaining small business funding has also become nearly impossible for many.

Trump’s plan is to end some regulations and limit the spread of other news ones. The specifics, of course, will determine success and we look forward to seeing those.

But President Trump is on the right path by seeking to find an easier path for small businesses, and we hope that he is successful in the endeavor.