Craft beer bill a win for breweries

Published 10:50 am Thursday, February 2, 2017

The craft beer movement has been underway for years now, but Mississippi is a bit behind the curve.

One reason is that Mississippi craft beer breweries have faced tight restrictions in the product they can sell on premises.

Currently limited to 36 ounces after providing a tour, Mississippi craft breweries like Water Valley’s popular Yalobusha Brewing Company are unable under current laws to sell a visitor a traditional six-pack or a pint of its product on-site.

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Mississippi’s craft brewers have battled for more leeway in the law and this year, after negotiations with the state’s retailers, a legislative bill is making progress that would give the state’s craft brewers the ability to sell six packs and pints to visitors.

The significance is that many visitors to a brewery don’t want to consume product on site after a tour — they merely want to learn about brewing but take some home for later.

This would bring the customer closer to the process and potentially provide more incentive for others to open craft breweries in the state. The benefit is that local breweries provide, literally, home brews, while also providing local jobs.

The bill is a winner for Mississippi and its fans of craft beer.