Mayfield more than a columnist

Published 2:00 am Sunday, February 12, 2017

When someone spends every week researching and writing about Oxford’s history, with no compensation other than the accolades he receives, it’s because they love what they’re doing, and more importantly, know what they’re doing is important.

Jack Mayfield has been writing columns about Oxford’s history for the EAGLE for more than 12 years. Every Wednesday, without fault, his column arrives in our email.

Last week, Jack told us he was no longer going to be able to write the column, dubbed “Sense of Place,’ that runs every Sunday in the Oxford Living section. He said he was diagnosed with an illness, and that he needed to spend his time fighting and concentrating on beating the disease.

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The loss of Jack’s columns not only leaves a hole in the Oxford Living section, but it leaves a hole in our hearts at the EAGLE and the community in general. Where else can our new Oxonians learn about our home’s history and the people who formed this “little piece of native soil” into what it is today?

We thank Jack Mayfield from the very bottom of our hearts for his dedication to the EAGLE and the LOU community by being the keeper of its history.

We hope his tenacity and dedication allow him to get well quickly and perhaps, pen a few columns for his followers.