Life in the newspaper office

Published 10:00 am Thursday, February 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered what is talked about at the newspaper office each day? Allow me to provide you a little insight.

I get to work each morning around 5:30 to finish up that day’s paper and more often than not, I’m the first to arrive in the office. But around 7:30 or 8, the rest of the building comes to life as employees arrive to begin the day.

Our fantastic new office (you should come visit if you haven’t) is wide open so we can all communicate with one another, but we also get to hear the ongoing conversations of our co-workers throughout the day.

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Most mornings the banter in the office is centered around the typical water cooler talk about TV shows from the night before, or national events, but it can quickly turn to how each of us feel physically and about our families or the crazy morning rush to get to work.

There’s also talk among the women about their attire, which apparently they have “adorable earrings” or “darling boots” or “lovely sweater” or “girl, you look so cute today. I love it!”

There’s also the usual discussions about what’s for lunch and about our children

But the most talked about issue is what I like to call the “Battle of the Thermostat.”

I assume a lot of work offices have that same issue of workers who are too cold or too hot and what ensues is the thermostat that is adjusted throughout the day. Currently the “colders” are beating the “hotters” when it comes to control of the thermostat.

“Y’all! I’m burning up!” is a regular refrain in the office, which is often followed up by a couple of employees donning a jacket or sweater knowing the air conditioning is about to kick on. After a while, one of the hotters will sneak over to the thermostat and kick it up a notch or two until the a/c kicks off.

It’s a never ending battle.

With the weather going through a yo-yo cycle currently of 50-degree weather one day and 70-degree weather the next, it’s no wonder the thermostat fluctuates.

We obviously get a lot of work done throughout the day and produce an award-winning product (have you seen all the awards on the walls in the new office?)

I am blessed to work with some incredibly gifted and dedicated folks who work hard each day.

Rob Sigler is managing editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact him at