We believe in Winter Institute

Published 10:34 am Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The William Winter Institute of Racial Reconciliation at Ole Miss has a valuable mission and talented people committed to that mission.

We believe there are few more worthy causes than working in communities and classrooms to end and transcend all division and discrimination based on difference, like the Winter Institute aspires to do.

That’s why the Oxford schools are considering working with the Winter Institute to better promote racial tolerance in classrooms.

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But the Winter Institute is facing opposition from some about working with Oxford schools because of comments a director made on a personal Facebook page, including comments such as “weep for the visible operation of white surpremacist heteropatriarchy on display” in regard to the recent presidential election.

We have learned in this social media world that what you say in personal posts can and will be used against you and the director of a group like the Winter Institute should understand that patronizing the other side is a dangerous practice if you preach reconciliation.

Mistakes should not overshadow good work done by the larger Winter Institute, however. We believe the mission is worthy and needed. We also hope this will be a time of learning so that the Winter Institute can be better prepared to help lead Mississippi forward.