Time to lend a helping hand to ICM

Published 10:11 am Thursday, March 2, 2017

The community’s help is needed to assist the residents of Riverside who are relocating to new housing.

The Interfaith Compassion Ministry of Oxford is seeking the funds to help relocating Riverside residents pay deposits for new residences and utilities.

Already the Oxford community has stepped up to help. One church raised almost $10,000 for the effort last month.

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And one anonymous donor has said they will provide matching funds if $32,500 can be raised — reaching the $65,000 needed to help residents relocate.

Riverside, a subsidized housing project in Oxford, is closing and residents are being provided vouchers for housing so that they can secure new places to live.

None of the money raised by the Interfaith Compassion Ministry goes directly to the residents. The Oxford Housing Authority is helping families find housing and at that point they are referred to ICM, which helps with deposits.

This will not happen without private donations, since this effort is truly one of compassion from the community. Time is also important since residents are in the process of securing new places to live at this moment.

Funds needed for deposits can be high, and something the relocating families are unprepared for. For more information to make a donation online, refer to Interfaith Compassion Ministry on Facebook.