Finding help for homeless students

Published 11:04 am Friday, March 3, 2017

The story in today’s EAGLE written by Oxford High School student Davis McCool is well worth reading, for two reasons.

One, McCool is a senior at OHS and the fact that he’s doing a report on homeless students in the Oxford School District speaks volumes about both his eye for a story and ability to effectively report on such an important issue.

Working under the leadership of OHS journalism leader Diala Chaney, McCool delivered a story that reveals some 93 students in the Oxford schools go to sleep each night without a home of their own.

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And that leads us to the second important facet of this story: homelessness among students in the district is alarming, particularly considering most see Oxford as a hamlet of quaint households.

Being aware of the problem means finding help for the problem, so the report has initiated some important conversations in the community.

Funds are available to help homeless students with tutoring, and coordination occurs with other community organizations to help with food and clothing, providing identified students with a backbone of support.

We appreciate the work done by McCool in reporting and the work done by the schools and others in the community who help students in need.