Registration for 2017-18 school year in the Oxford School District begins today

Published 10:56 am Monday, March 6, 2017

By Kelly Graeber

Oxford School District

The Oxford School District begins the student registration process for the 2017-18 school year today. At this time, student registration for the upcoming school year will open to only current OSD students who will be in grades kindergarten through 12 next school year. Parents of these students can begin their child’s enrollment process by completing a student registration application at

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Oxford school officials say that snap code letters for current students are in the mail and should be making their way to their home mailboxes sometime between now and March 10.

Student Registration Director Dr. SuzAnne Liddell says the only glitch that should stand in the way of a snap code letter not making its way to a current student’s mailbox is simply because the district does not have the up-to-date student contact information on file.

“If our families have moved or have not updated their contact information with our student registration office, then these families are not going to receive the snap code letter they need in order to start their child’s student registration process now,” said Dr. Liddell. “If that’s the case, then parents are encouraged to bring updated residency verification documents to the OSD Student Registration Office any weekday during the times of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.”

The Oxford School District student registration process includes two important steps: 1) completing the online student registration application at and 2) providing school officials with required registration documents.

As part of the student registration process, parents will need to provide up-to-date registration documents. Visit for a complete list of required registration documents. Parents will need to deliver all up-to-date registration documents to the OSD Student Registration Office located at 409 Washington Avenue in Oxford on scheduled drop-off dates for new and returning students.

Liddell says that completing student registration on time is important because school officials use student registration information to make important decisions that directly impact students in the upcoming year. Decisions on class schedules, teacher assignments, bus transportation, student meal plans, issuance of student laptops for the 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative are all directly tied to student registration information.

For example, Liddell says that class assignments and student schedules will not be available to students until their student registration is complete. That’s why school officials encourage parents to complete their child’s student registration for the upcoming school year on time.

Visit for more information on student registration in the Oxford School District or call 662-513-8111.