Reader disappointed by by column’s contribution to political discourse

Published 9:53 am Friday, March 24, 2017

The arguments made by Rob Sigler in supporting House Bill 645/”Back the Badge” that enhances penalties for violent crimes against law enforcement officers, first responders and others are apparently of so little merit that he must ridicule those who do not share his views. This coarsening of discourse in our town and in our country is antithetical to democracy.

A vibrant democracy calls for an informed public and one would hope the managing editor of this paper would want to contribute to strengthening democracy by making substantive arguments in support of his position rather than engaging in name-calling and misrepresentation.

His column begins in its first sentence with name-calling — referring to those whose views differ from his as “Liberal Loonies.”

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He goes on to repeat that name-calling and makes the bizarre charge that the position of the ACLU in opposition to the bill “paint[s} all those in law enforcement as racist.”

I am at a loss as to how anyone would think this name-calling, misrepresentation of substantive arguments and playing the race card (I don’t know what his expertise is for proclaiming the bill “is not racist”) contributes to informing the Oxford community on this important issue. And I’m disappointed that the Oxford Eagle provides a platform for this assault upon reasoned discourse.

Barbara Phillips