Dogs can provide love, laughter and more

Published 6:00 am Sunday, March 26, 2017

By Judy Davis

A friend gave to me a sign for Christmas that states, “Dogs Welcome; People Tolerated.” There’s a lot of truth in that for many people. My little dog is a mess. She must be a Yankee dog because she only urinates and poops on the northern side of my backyard. She might cross over enemy lines and urinate on the southern side of my backyard once a year maybe. Her name is Mary Melody. Mary is for the blessed virgin. Melody is for my love of music.

Mary Melody has the cutest facial expressions. She looks so inquisitive. She expresses understanding. Her unconditional love is a great comfort.

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When the phone rings — or even shortly before the phone rings — Mary Melody starts screaming and barking. She doesn’t like for me to be on the phone. People say it is because she wants all my attention. Whatever the cause, she gets particularly excited when it’s mama on the phone.

Up until a year ago, she chewed on everything she could get her mouth on. I have learned how to keep things away from her. Nothing is safe from that dog.

Mary Melody wags her tail when I wake up. She’s saying “Good morning.” What does Mary Melody look like? She’s a beagle mix and she is feisty. She has been spayed. I have had her since she was about 6 months old. She’s around 3 years old. She has a black and white coat with two brown marks on the top of her head. Her face is brown with white encircling her nose. Her legs are white with small brown spots. Sometimes Mary Melody’s ears flop back as if she’s about to take off (leave the ground). She tries to talk at times making noises in her throat. She only weighs 19 pounds.

Mary Melody won’t eat her dog food unless it’s mixed with rice. She also won’t eat unless her bowl is freshly washed. She won’t eat anything except name brand dog food (some form of Purina). She has taught me to honor others’ idiosyncrasies and to serve others. I give Mary Melody baths. She cuts donuts after a bath because she feels good (running in circles). The laughter Mary Melody brings to me is my favorite thing about her. Laughter is good medicine. The vet says beagles are stubborn and hard to train. These traits are my least favorite things about her.  The training pads are indispensable for a stubborn dog.

A very nice neighbor started my use of poop pads with a gift. Do you have dog hair in your washing machine and laundry? I wouldn’t recommend a dog for a perfectionist.

However, a dog can be a great comfort to many people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society for the many hours of joy Mary Melody has brought to me.

Judy Davis is an Oxford resident who adopted her dog, Mary Melody, in May 2014. You can reach her at