State needs infrastructure investment

Published 10:32 am Monday, March 27, 2017

As Mississippi lawmakers grapple with piecing together a state budget without enough money they are taking another step into a deeper hole for the long term.

The problem in Mississippi boils down to a lack of economic growth, meaning the state’s income is so low legislators don’t know what to do but cut and take away.

By following a strategy of tax cuts and reduced infrastructure investment, Mississippi has left itself in a situation that looks a little bit like ship full of people, stagnant at sea, slowly taking on more water.

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Legislators try annually to toss a little water out to keep the ship floating, but it isn’t going anywhere.

Truth be told we need some new ships — infrastructure investment — to get moving again.

Tax cuts and reduced spending without a long-term strategy have proven not to work. Our roads and bridges in the state need a big infusion. Our schools need new buildings. Our state capital needs investment, and so does the Delta.

And let’s not forget that our universities are the driving force of Mississippi, creating jobs directly and spurring entrepreneurial activity that leads to more jobs. We need to make sure they can build infrastructure and grow according to long-term strategy.

That’s why Mississippi’s legislators need a strong plan, the kind President Donald Trump has said works.

It’s called infrastructure investment.