Lessons to be learned from pet theft

Published 11:16 am Monday, April 3, 2017

We told you last week about two beloved small Oxford dogs that may have been stolen from loving owners in the College Hill community recently.

Apparently Rudy, a Morkie, and Charlie, a Yorkie, disappeared from two different homes over the span of one week. One owner can’t come up with any other option than the fact that her dog was stolen, while another owner heard a truck stop and drive away fast and then their dog was gone.

Just like that.

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This may seem like a bad joke — Morkie’s and Yorkie’s being stolen from owners who are at home while their dogs roam — but nobody is laughing. A dog becomes a close companion to owners, and the sudden love of a beloved pet can be quite traumatic.

The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department has been involved, but there are no leads.

The moral of this story then is that owners of small dogs can learn from these episodes that it is possible for some people to stoop lower than low — stealing your pet.

Residents in the College Hill community will want to be extra vigilant, while others in Oxford and Lafayette County may want to consider if their dog is a risk for being stolen and takes steps if so.