The Square gets tough on crime

Published 9:43 am Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Increased shoplifting at stores on the Oxford Square is frustrating, but it is no great surprise.

As the Square’s retail sales increase, and its crowds grow, risk will rise accordingly.

That’s why some businesses owners on the Oxford Square are frustrated that shoplifting at their establishments seems to be increasing.

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Oxford Police work closely with businesses, quickly responding to and investigating calls and offering tips to business owners. But to solve the larger problem, business owners will have to work aggressively within their establishments and work closely with one another.

The Oxford Square Alliance is a good and active group that works together to maintain a strong shopping district and they are already discussing how to beat shoplifting that is on the rise.  Their close communication will be needed, since Oxford police can’t be everywhere at once.

Also, what happens inside private business establishments is not something public authorities can patrol minute-by-minute.

Oxford police have already established an office on the Square, increasing daily presence. And that’s a start. But business owners will also be required to get aggressive, following police advice, and continuing to work closely together to let shoplifters know that Oxford doesn’t want them on the Square, or anywhere.