Ole Miss’ Freeze should keep on tweeting (Our View)

Published 3:34 pm Friday, April 7, 2017

The suggestion that Hugh Freeze is crossing a line posting scripture and religious inspiration on his Twitter account seems extreme.

A football coach should be afforded freedom of speech and if players don’t like the way he behaves they can sign and go somewhere else.

It’s true that religion shouldn’t be forced on football players by a public school or institution and Freeze should abide by those standards like any other coach or teacher. And all indications are that he does, with no reports that Ole Miss players have had religion forced upon them under Freeze.

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We admit that it is somewhat of a fuzzy area if tweets come from an official Twitter account of the university. But we believe that as long as it is clear that Hugh Freeze the individual is sharing the scripture and religious inspiration on social media rather than Ole Miss as an institution, then no violation has occurred.

The argument made by the group complaining about Freeze’s public display of religion on Twitter is simply that “he may not promote his personal religious beliefs while acting in his capacity as a university employee” because it confuses lines between church and state.

That seems extreme, however, since our freedom of religion and expression is one of our greatest rights as humans. So we think Hugh Freeze should keep on tweeting his personal beliefs.