Easter Sunday, always a special day in the Oxford community

Published 2:01 am Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter is one of the more special days of the year.

It’s hard to top Christmas, of course, but the fact that Easter is typically a quieter, and simpler day with less travel and less concern for presents has its advantages.

And Easter’s arrival during the transformative season of spring, when cool breezes blow, tender leaves emerge on trees, azaleas are in full blossom, and grass is growing under a gentle sun – provides the perfect setting for a day of Christian celebration.

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We still don’t know how a big rabbit – the Easter bunny – got mixed up in this day along with dyed eggs (don’t chickens lay eggs?), but even that is adorable and enjoyable and the making of wonderful memories for many families.

The images of children with happy faces running with baskets and gathering eggs at different events throughout Oxford each Easter are priceless, and so are family gatherings around the table for ham, deviled eggs and other trimmings.

Easter morning also brings special church services throughout the Oxford community, as leaders and members work to make sure the Christian experience is inspiring, memorable and impacting.

Together, everything comes together to make this a special Sunday in the community.

Happy Easter.