Hosemann on target with website

Published 2:00 am Sunday, April 23, 2017

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is onto something with the relaunch of the Y’all Business site, a free digital resource of information.

The website was initially launched in 2015 but this latest version, with interactive maps showing locations of hospitals, restaurants and other types of businesses, and population data and information about household income and broadband access, is frankly fantastic.

Users can easily find demographic information by geographic location in Mississippi, or useful competitive business information. For instance, a user considering opening a restaurant can populate a map with information about restaurant competitors from within a certain area, and they can find out other helpful information including traffic count.

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Other demographic information is valuable simply because it is so accessible and from a verified source. For instance, Lafayette County has a median age of 28.5 versus 36.5 for the state at large, and that information is right at your fingertips at yallbusiness.com.

Hosemann says he created the site to help determine things like whether there’s a market for a certain type of business in any particular part of the state. He said the goal is to help development of small- and medium-sized businesses by giving people free access to information.

We think he’s right on target with this useful site.