Outdated cellular tower to be replaced by KeyPoint Communications in Lafayette County

Published 11:43 am Friday, April 28, 2017

Wireless communication in the county will be improving soon as an outdated radio tower is replaced on Highway 30.

KeyPoint Communications received approval during the Lafayette Count Planning Commission earlier this week to remove the current tower that was constructed in 1992 and replace it with a modern tower.

“We want to replace the tower with something that will be there for a long time to come,” said KeyPoint Communications co-owner Dick Huddleston. “And the adjoining landowners want to keep the tower there.”

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Huddleston said cellular communication is no longer a luxury, but a need.

Huddleston added that the current tower will remain in place while the new tower is erected to minimize the disruption in service.

In other matters:

John Martin and Kate Bishop came before the planning commission to request preliminary and commercial site approval to open Chicory Market in the former Farmers Market location on County Road 101.

The new owners are in the process of making improvements to the current facility and are looking forward to opening up the market to serve the community.

“We believe it will be an important part of the local food system and will support local farmers and access to local food,” Martin said.

David Baker, representing North East Mississippi Electric Power Association, received a recommendation from the commission for a variance to a setback for the company’s side yard near Highway 7, due to topography issues.

The commission also granted a recommendation for phase seven of the Tuscan Hills development.

On a 3-1 vote, with commission member Ray Garrett voting no, the board approved a recommendation for a variance to OM Rentals to construct an office.

Drainage concerns

Belle River Rentals would like to build 10 three bedroom and three bath units on the corner of County Road 403 and County Road 408.

A couple of residents in the area voiced drainage concerns, but those worries were put to rest when they were told a storm water retention pond will be built to help with that water issue.

“It will help you in a way to reduce the flow of water and holding it in the basin to release at a slower rate,” engineer John Granberry said. There will also be erosion controls in place. The one issue will be the type of sewer the development will have.

Tobby Tubby Storage also received a recommendation for a variance for a fire hydrant. Currently, there is no community water to run a main line to the hydrant.