Another perfect spring weekend in Oxford

Published 2:05 am Sunday, April 30, 2017

Quiz: What’s a perfect spring weekend in Oxford?

Answer: It starts with Ole Miss having clinched a series win against No. 14 Arkansas in baseball on the road before the 5 p.m. whistle has sounded on Friday; continues with Thacker Mountain on a big stage on the Square Friday night; 60,000 residents, part-time residents and guests taking in the arts, sights and sounds during Double Decker Festival on Saturday; and a noted artist like Dr. John setting the sun on it all that same evening.

And there’s so much more we could fill in, since a perfect spring weekend in Oxford is so filled with activities and festivities that we couldn’t possibly list it all here.

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But that’s what our quaint city that really knows how to shine delivered this weekend – a whole lot of goodness double-stacked two stories high.

It’s hard to believe our Double Decker Arts Festival just had its 22nd year. A lot has happened since that early beginning in 1996. We have a lot more people, a lot more houses, and a lot more opportunity for learning, and exploring the arts and culture. But every year, it has just gotten better – our festival and our city.

That’s something we can be thankful for, just like this magical weekend that saw Oxford shine once again.