Being a Mom is the toughest job ever

Published 12:56 pm Thursday, May 11, 2017

I could easily crank out another “you’re the greatest Mom in the world” column about the greatest Mom in the world for Mother’s Day, but I’m not. Not this year.

For some reason Mother’s Day has been on my mind for several days. In fact, I mistakenly thought last Sunday was Mother’s Day and wished my Mom a Happy Mother’s Day via social media. She, of course, said “thank you, son” and I continued my day not realizing anyone else had wished their Mom’s good tidings on their special day. That is until my Dad burst my bubble by informing me it was not Mother’s Day. He was correct of course, like he normally is (just ask him), but I beg to differ to an extent.

I mean, after all, isn’t every day Mother’s Day? Shouldn’t our Mom’s be thanked every day for all they do for us and for what they put up with? In my opinion, being a Mom is the most difficult job ever created.

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From actually having a living creature growing inside your body to nurturing and watching that creature grow and mature into an adult must be without a doubt the most incredible experience a human being can have. But it also comes with an incredible amount of responsibility.

As a father, I know my responsibility is a difficult one, but nothing compared to that of the mother’s in the world. They take on so many different roles in the lives of their children.

Mom is a teacher, police officer, judge, cab driver, cheerleader, nurse, chef, maid and so much more all rolled into one. But most of all, she is hopefully there when you need her most.

I am incredibly blessed to have my Mom around for another year to wish her Happy Mother’s Day, this time on Mother’s Day. But many of my friends are not as fortunate and to them I would like to say I am thinking of you and pray that you hold on to what I hope are fond memories with your Mom.

So, I say to all you kids out there to call Mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day because you never know when that day comes you won’t have the chance.

Have a blessed Mother’s Day.

Rob Sigler is managing editor of The Oxford EAGLE. Contact him at