Convicted killer Caleb Corrothers of Lafayette County wanting new trial

Published 10:17 am Friday, May 12, 2017

A Lafayette County man on Mississippi’s death row will get his chance to present claims a juror spoke to one of his victims during his trial.

Caleb Corrothers, 37, aka Caleb Carrothers, was convicted in 2011 during a trial in Lafayette County of two counts of capital murder and one count of aggravated assault.

He was sentenced to death for both capital murder counts and life in prison for the aggravated assault.

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He was on trial for the 2009 shooting deaths of Frank and Taylor Clark at their Lafayette County home during a drug deal gone bad.

Tanya Clark, wife and mother of Frank and Taylor respectively, was also shot twice during the incident, but survived.

The Mississippi Supreme Court denied Corrother’s appeal in 2014.

However, in an application for post-conviction relief filed earlier this year to the Mississippi Supreme Court, Corrothers presented 10 claims as to why he should be granted a post-trial hearing. On Feb. 2, the court denied all but one, where Corrothers claimed two relatives said they saw a juror communicating with Tanya Clark during the trial.

The office of the Mississippi Attorney General filed a motion following the Feb. 2 ruling, asking the court to rehear the decision to grant Corrothers leave to proceed in the trial court with a claim of juror bias, claiming Corrother’s attorneys never raised the issue of juror bias during the trial or on direct appeal.

On Thursday, the Mississippi Supreme Court denied the state’s request.

Corrothers can now request a hearing at the Circuit Court level as to whether juror bias took place during his trial. If the judge finds in favor of Corrothers, he could grant Corrothers a new trial.